To you, Savannah…at 21 months!


Dear Nana,

I apologize that I haven’t been better about journaling all of your developments lately. Life seems to get away from me sometimes and when I have a free moment I’ve been trying to practice being present rather than worry about documenting every detail. But, don’t worry. I’ve kept track of all of your incredible accomplishments in my head so when the time came to write this post I’d be ready!

We’ve seen an explosion of growth from you these last few months. Not only are you looking more like a “big kid” every day but you are acting like a mini-adult half the time. I don’t even know where to start – you are just so cool!

School has become a major focal point in our lives these past few months. In October, you transitioned from the infant room to the toddler room and you are literally a whole new kid. You loved hanging with the babies but you have embraced your stature as new kid on the block and hit the ground running with your older friends. You spend your days making “science rock” by measuring ingredients for all of the delectable treats you guys cook up in class. You are a little artist and regularly come home with a new masterpiece to share with us. You and your friends love to play make believe and you’re constantly building trains out of the chairs in your class, taking the toy dinosaurs for a ride, and caring for your babies. You adore your teachers and we feel so blessed to have such energetic, creative, and kind partners in crime.

Your nickname at school is Nana and it has quickly spread beyond the classroom. We all you call you Nana now because that’s what you call yourself. It was never the nickname I thought you’d have but it’s pretty cute and definitely here to stay.

Your most favorite pastime is caring for your babies. You love to dress them, tuck them into bed, change their diapers, and feed them. You’ve been a little mommy for some time now but it’s so sweet to watch you sing them to sleep or take them for rides in their strollers. You are very kind-hearted and nurturing, Savs. In fact, we’ve received numerous reports from your teachers about your empathetic ways. Your classmate broke her ankle and you were her #1 helper bringing her lunch and toys when she couldn’t walk. And when your friend, Sean, was having a rough day, you left your friends on the playground to return to where he was, grabbed his hand, and walked with him outside. The same rings true at home. If one of us gets hurt of if we’re grooming Lola in any way you are right there saying, “Oh No!” or “Ouchie” with a concerned look on your face. Daddy thinks you’re going to be a doctor or nurse when you grow up because you definitely like to make everyone “All better.”

You are also a total bookworm. You still love your books more than anything. Any books. Magazines count as well. And you read all the time. Even after we’ve finished reading your bedtime stories to you, you’ll sit in bed and read aloud by yourself until you’re tired. It’s the cutest thing in the world to listen to. Sometimes, you line your babies and teddies up in a row and read to them. Wherever you are a book or a baby are not far behind. And you love to kiss your books “night night” before bed. I mean, seriously!

You know your favorite books by heart and one of the funniest things to see is how you anticipate what’s to come. You do that especially with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. You make an O with your lips and hold your breath and then start laughing when all the letters fall out of the tree. It’s so damn cute! Sometimes you’d prefer we don’t read at all and instead, you have us identify every detail in the picture. It takes forever but your thirst for knowledge is infectious and we can’t help but oblige.

You love to laugh. In fact, we spend many evenings having laughter fests in the living room. One of us will laugh really loud and then you laugh even louder and next thing we know we’re all rolling around howling at the top of our lungs while Lola stares at us like we’re idiots. You make us realize how the simplest things – like a good, from the gut, guffaw – are the most precious. Far too often, we find ourselves trying too hard to make things special when in reality, the gift of time and a good attitude are all we need to create memories.

We’ve finally gotten into a good sleep routine. Your bed is now on the floor next to my side of the bed so you’re still close to us at night. You go down without a hitch. In fact, some nights you don’t even want assistance. You kiss me goodnight and then kick me out of the bed so you can have your space. Most of the time, you’ll make it until 5:30 am before you reach up to me and call “uppy” with the hopes that we’ll bring you into our bed. And if it’s after 5:30 am I’ll oblige. Otherwise, we negotiate a little but eventually you lay back down and drift off to sleep again. Our sleeping arrangement goes against every sleep training technique but it works for us so we’re sticking with it.

You love your grandparents so much. In fact, your Poppy is hands down your best friend in the world. The sun literally rises and sets on him and you call for him all the time. It is wonderful to see how you light up when your Nona walks in the room and deflate when she leaves. Likewise, you adore your Bampa and Grammy. You don’t get to see them as much but we Facetime every week and you and Bampa make funny faces at each other and you love giving Grammy cyberspace kissies. We are so blessed to have the network of family around us as you grow up. You’ve got everyone under your spell and these four people would literally lay down on train tracks if you asked them to. I hope you never take that love for granted, little girl.

You love to hold hands and yell out “hand” everywhere we go. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and even find we’re holding hands in our sleep. I know these moments are fleeting and so I’m trying to relish your desire to be with me at all times. I’m actually really thankful you’re such a cuddle bug. You also love to cup our faces and give kissies and you have the cutest little lip pucker. I taught you how to give Eskimo kisses and now sometimes after we kiss on the lips you’ll demand “nose!” and I know that you want an Eskimo kiss too.

Daddy takes you to school almost every day but we have our own morning ritual. Without fail, unless I’ve already left for the day, I put you in the car. You wave “Bye Bye Lola” and then we walk out to the garage together where you say good morning to the owl on your car window screen “Hoot Hoot.” Once you’re all buckled in we go through the same script verbatim every morning:

Mommy – “I love you like crazy.” – Savs: “I lub you.”

Mommy: “God bless you.” – Savs: “Bwess you.”

Mommy: “Are you going to be good to your friends today?” – Savs: “Yes.”

Mommy: “Are you going to be good to your teachers?” – Savs: “Yes!”

Mommy: “Are you going to learn a lot?” – Savs: “Yes!!”

Mommy: “Most importantly, are you going to have fun?” – Savs: “YES!!!”

Mommy: “I love you more than life!” – Savs: “Lub you, mommy.”

It takes a solid two minutes but the way you get more enthusiastic with each answer to the point that you’re actually screaming by the end completely cracks me up! It’s the highlight of my morning even beating out my cup of coffee and hopefully our little routine sends you off ready to conquer the day ahead.

You and Daddy have your own rituals too. You love to go for walks with him and Lola and I frequently find the two of you doing Insanity workouts together. Your jumping jacks and suicide drills are pretty damn impressive, kiddo. After your workout, you guys make smoothies together which you call “moochies” and then you compare your “moochie mustaches.”

You are quite the little helper and you enjoy doing laundry, picking up your toys and washing your hands and the dishes. In fact, you like cleaning up a little too much and sometimes you have a hard time distinguishing what’s really trash. We frequently find empty sippy cups, play food, and hairbands in the trash can and we have to explain to you that just because you’re done with something it doesn’t mean you have to throw it away.

You are also all girl. Like your mommy, you have a thing for accessories and take great pleasure in picking out your hair bows and shoes for school every day. You also love to crawl up on my vanity stool and pretend to apply your makeup in the mornings. You crack me up sometimes because you completely imitate my process down to the exact order of my routine. You pick out my shoes for me half the time as well and once in a while you throw quite a fit because I decide to wear a different pair than you selected. I’m beginning to think we’re in for a pretty wild ride when your teenage years hit. I hope we’re up for the challenge.

21 Months At A Glance

Weight: 29 lbs 6 ozs – 90th percentile

Length: 33.25 inches – 75th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: Taking your clothes on and off, dancing, running, singing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, talking all the time, expressing your preferences, climbing up and down stairs, opening presents, counting, saying your ABC’s and playing make believe.

Likes: Books, food, coloring, cooking, washing your hands, climbing in and out of your stool, identifying animals and body parts, singing songs, cuddling, playing mommy, taking showers, hair bows, hats, jackets, shoes.

Dislikes: Waking up, being confined, and when Lola steals your toys. To be honest, you’re pretty easy-going and you don’t have too many dislikes.

Favorite Books: Goodnight Moon, The Icky Sticky Frog, Daddy Kisses, Brown Bear Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Our Favorite Things About this Age: The way you request your morning smoothie – “Moochie Meese,” how you turn my head and pull open my eyelids when you want me to wake up in the morning, the midnight requests for “uppy,” your goodnight routine complete with kisses for Lola, Daddy and all of your books, listening to you read your books aloud, how much you love going to school, seeing how well you get along with your friends, watching what a kind person you are becoming.

Nicknames: Nana, Banana Face, Banana Bear, Poppy, Mama, Babycakers, Savs, Savi, Baby Vannah, Bug, and Savi Bear

You are my joy of joys. When I see what a big girl you’ve become my heart longs for the baby that existed just a second ago. But, I am probably loving this age more than any other and you are just so much fun to be around. Your independent, loveable, silly sense of humor has us in stitches half the time. You are a cautious but determined little bird and we love to watch you figure things out and find solutions to the obstacles you encounter.

Thank you for being the gift you are. For brightening our days. For your snuggles, kissies, and sweet, sweet disposition. You are loved beyond measure.


Your mama


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2 thoughts on “To you, Savannah…at 21 months!

  1. Nicole, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching Savi grow. Thank you for sharing, I hope to cover your baby in kisses someday. Have a wonderful Christmas – Penny

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