Conversations with Savannah

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Savs vocabulary is growing by the minute. In fact, she comes home with new phrases on a daily basis and we are constantly amazed at her unintentional wit and humor. We’ve been practicing new words and some fun names and learned that the more obscure they are the more hilarious her pronunciation. It’s a great way to pass the time.

Here are a few highlights from recent months.

1. Since Lola’s surgery, Savannah stops by her kennel at least once a day to check in on her. The conversation usually goes like this:

Savs: Hi Lola. How you doing today?

Lola: Blank stare (internal thought: Awesome. While you ran around and played all day, I sat here by myself staring at the wall. Will you please go away now?)

Savs: You feel good, Lola?

Lola: Mild glare (internal thought: No, I don’t feel good. I had spine surgery a month ago, you idiot! Will you please go away now?)

Savs: Your ouchie all better, Lola? You resting?

Lola: Pathetic huff (internal thought: Does my ouchie look like it’s all better? And yes, I’m resting because I’m locked in a cage with nowhere to go and nothing else to do but lay here. Will you please go away now?)

2. Whenever I leave for yoga class Savs kisses me goodbye and says, “You go to yogurt now, Mommy? Okay, bye!” It’s hilarious.

3. All departures must include hugs and kisses. Sometimes she forgets one or the other and chases us down the hall yelling “Huggie” or “Kissie!”

4. My all time favorite moment of the day is when we wake up and she rolls over and says, “Goo Mahning, Mommy/Daddy.” Her accent is to die for.

5. Every time we read the Peace Book and get to the page about pizza, she says, “Pizza in the mornin.” I have no idea when she had pizza for breakfast but it obviously left an impression.

5. Other favorites include: gawberries (strawberries), pine apple, backberries, Aacob (Jacob), and NOna

This kid cracks me up!





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