Conversations with Savannah


Savannah’s been full of beans lately. Her vocabulary is exploding and not only is she putting together full sentences she’s repeating pretty much everything we say – and with intended inflection which is a real hoot.

Some highlights from recent weeks:

1. Somewhere along the line, I learned that a good way to correct bad behavior – i.e. hitting, biting, etc. – is to explain that “We don’t do that in this family.” Well, now every time anyone is doing anything Savs disagrees with, she boldly states, “We don’t do that!” Hmm…that lesson backfired I think.

2. Our girl is full of love and is constantly exclaiming that she “doesn’t like something, she LUBS it!” She even went so far as to tell me one morning that she “doesn’t lub me anymore.” Fortunately, before my heart could break into a million pieces she immediately followed up with, “because I lub you soooo much.” I couldn’t make this up if I tried, people!

3. While Mike was working out the other day, she promptly informed him that he was making a “very unsafe choice.” I agree, baby, Sean T. workouts are unsafe indeed!

4. If you ask Savannah what she’s doing at any given time, she’ll usually states clear as day, “I’m just hanging out.”

5. Every night, we ask her if she had a good day at school. She’s now beating us to the punch and usually opens the conversation by inquiring, “Was it a good day today?” or “How was your day, Mommy/Daddy.”

6. We hear a regular rotation of “My do it” in our house and if she’s going to leave the room for any duration of time she proudly announces to whoever will listen, “My be back” and at night she always asks us to “My hold you.” Girlfriend definitely needs to work on her pronouns.

7. The other day, Savs stated proudly, “I’m a bossy, bossy girl.” Oh man, are we in trouble!

And finally, a few of our favorites from her long list of mispronunciations:

Fix skit – fix it

Hahacaca – helicopter (our favorite!)

Lego – here you go

Idi Tooted – irritated

Abogado – avocado (or Spanish for “attorney”)

Towel napkin – paper towel




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