To you, at 19-20 weeks.


Dear Belly Baby,

I’m happy to report that we have finally settled on a nickname for you! It was getting too cumbersome to refer to you as “Baby Brother/Baby Sister” every time we talk to Savannah so we cut it down to “Belly Baby” and it’s stuck. She’s still convinced your either a boy or a girl depending on the day – usually you’re a sister – but for the most part, we all seem content thinking of you as Baby Belly.

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks in our family.

First off, we had the BIG 20 week anatomy scan last Monday. This is always my favorite appointment of pregnancy although there’s a little anxiety that comes with it as well. We spent about an hour looking at you on the screen while the technician took measurements and evaluated all of your little parts. We were so thrilled to learn that everything looks exactly as it should be!

You’re measuring big (approximately 14 ounces) which is no surprise since your sister was a big baby as well. And from what we can tell, your little legs look very long. Your heart rate is still high – coming in at 153 bpm. You were only semi-cooperative and the doctor had to maneuver me into all sorts of positions to get a good look at both sides of your heart but after some creative handling, she got what she needed.

We did learn that I have a small – 2 cm – fibroid on my cervix. There’s no reason for concern at this point and the doctors will monitor it, checking me again at 28 weeks. On the off chance it grows or moves into a position that blocks my cervical canal we’ll be forced to deliver you via C-section. Of course, a caesarian delivery couldn’t be further from my birth plan but I’m living by the mantra: “healthy baby/healthy mama” and will put my personal preferences aside to assure you are well taken care of on our big day. Besides, I trust Dr. James immensely and one of the main reasons I selected him is because he doesn’t jump to invasive measures like so many other doctors so I know we’re in good hands regardless of the outcome.

So, we’ll wait and see.

I have to be honest, there’s something liberating about not being in control of the situation. The fibroid has a life of it’s own. It’s either going to shrink, grow or stay the same but worrying about it won’t change the end result so I’ve decided to let it be. And the way I see it, of all the discoveries that could’ve resulted from that appointment, a fibroid is incredibly minor and one we can overcome without a doubt.

We held strong and when given the option, we turned our heads rather than learn your gender. I actually thought resisting the temptation would be harder than it was but we’re having a lot of fun imagining you as a boy OR a girl. Either way, we’re so content that you are going to complete our little family in the most perfect way and delaying the surprise until your birth-day just seems so fitting for this final pregnancy.

I am getting bigger by the day and definitely find myself starting to struggle to get out of low to the ground cars, find a comfortable sleeping position, or the stamina to go up multiple flights of stairs. But I’m keeping up with my workout routine and feeing good along the way. I definitely think I’ve reached the 2nd trimester stride and it’s about time! No joke, babycakes, those first few months kicked my butt! It seemed like I was suffering from one minor thing after another and it was starting to really frustrate me.

It took a solid two weeks of absolute hell but I got the PUPPS rash under control – and without any steroids I’m proud to report. Between the dandelion root and the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap along with a few other homespun remedies I managed to find some relief and it seems to be getting better each day. I’m just praying it doesn’t flare up again later in the pregnancy but at least I’ll know what to do next time so I’m going to just enjoy this peaceful phase while it lasts.

You’re still kicking up a storm. In fact, your movements are stronger and more consistent than I remember with Savs at this point. Something tells me you’re going to be a sassy, strong-willed little bird – maybe even more so than your big sister.

We’ve been playing with baby names and the funny thing is, many of the back up options we had for Savs don’t seem fitting anymore so in many ways, we’re starting from scratch. We don’t have a clear front runner like we did the last time and since we have to come up with both boys and girls names I’m pretty sure we’ll be making a final decision upon meeting you which is actually kind of fun.

Your sister accompanied us to the ultrasound appointment last week and the technician was kind enough to print a special picture just for her. She took it to school with her and the teacher emailed me later that afternoon to tell me that Savs held onto the photo all day showing every teacher, parent and kid who walked through the door, her picture of her “baby sister” (you were a girl that day).

I’ve been watching her a lot lately and I feel very confident that she’s going to be an amazing big sister. Her favorite pastime is definitely caring for her babies and we always find her rocking them, wrapping them in blankets “like a burrito,” feeding them and putting them to bed. She grows very concerned when the babies “cry” and rushes over to tend to their needs. I know we’d be kidding ourselves if we believed the early days after your arrival aren’t going to rock her world but I really do believe that once she settles into the new family dynamic she’s going to adore you as much as we will.

Lately, between kisses to my belly she snuggles up real close and whispers directly into my belly button. She says she’s telling Belly Baby secrets and she speaks so low we can’t hear a word she’s saying. She always finishes with a big giggle and I’m pretty sure the two of you are developing a secret language of your own already.

So, we are officially halfway to the big D-Day and getting more excited by the minute. I’m pretty sure the summer is going to fly by and we’ll be on the final countdown before we know it. Keep growing strong, baby! Know that you are loved beyond measure and we are all just dying to meet you!


Your Mama

20 weeks – pregnancy #1:



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