To you…at 23-24 weeks.

24 weeks-1

Dear Belly Baby,

I have a whole month’s worth of activity to share with you! July was a busy month with lots of celebrations. We had my birthday, Lola’s birthday and then we flew to Virginia to celebrate your Bampa’s birthday as well. I also hit my second trimester stride this month and after a rocky start to this pregnancy I have been enjoying every minute of these easy days.

I am constantly in shock by how fast this pregnancy is going. I remember feeling like weeks passed so slowly when I was pregnant with your sister and it’s the complete opposite with you. In fact, sometimes I can’t keep up. I still think of myself as 18 weeks pregnant and start to stress out when I see that big belly looking back at me in the mirror but then I remember that we are only 15 weeks away from your arrival (more or less). I didn’t actually track my weight on a weekly basis the first time around but I’m pretty sure I’m staying on track at least from what I can tell in pictures.

You are kicking up a storm – especially at night. I think you’re more active than Savannah was and too much time doesn’t pass before you remind me of your presence with a nice jab to the side or lower abdomen. I’m also starting to see your movements under my clothes which is always so fascinating. I don’t know why but I have this sense that you’re going to be a sassy little bird.

Everyone is beginning to ask me if I think you’re a boy or a girl and I honestly can’t say. My instinct changes on a daily basis and to be totally honest, I can imagine both genders rounding out our family perfectly. Savannah most typically refers to you as her “baby sister” but she also guesses boy from time to time. I think our families are beginning to suspect that we actually know your gender but are electing to keep it a secret although we keep assuring them that indeed this will be a surprise for ALL OF US! Boy or girl, we just know you are going to be the most perfect little addition to our tribe and we cannot wait!

All of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms have pretty much subsided for now. My doctor is still totally amazed and impressed that I was able to eliminate that horrible rash without medicine or steroids. Meanwhile, I’m just praying it doesn’t return. My back is starting to ache sometimes and sleep is getting more and more challenging but those are all things I can deal with for the remaining months. I have noticed that my legs fall asleep a lot especially when I’m laying down which probably means you’re pressing on a nerve in my back. And my dreams are really obscure and crazy vivid which I remember well from my first pregnancy.

We are starting to think about decorating your nursery and I think I have some ideas for a gender neutral room that are still unique and creative. I can tell you that, like your sister’s, there will be no formal theme to the room. Instead, we’ll try to incorporate color, texture and patterns to make your nest a perfectly soothing place for you to grow. I hope you’ll love it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it’s going to be like to be a mommy of two and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get scared sometimes. I worry a little that there won’t be enough hours in the day to give you all of the individual attention that your sister got for the first 2.5 years of her life. And then I worry that she’s going to be robbed because all of our focus is going to be on you.

Sometimes, I start to laugh when I think about all of those concerns because I’ve had them all before. We worried we’d never be able to afford a mortgage and here we are on our second house. We worried we wouldn’t have the time to properly care for a dog while working full time and yet we can’t imagine our lives without Lola. And then of course, we worried we’d royally mess up your sister with our inexperience and rookie parenting moves but she’s turning out pretty awesome. And so, I pray on it and trust that it will all work out in the end. It helps that I have some amazing mommies in my life who’ve paved the way before me and they’ve offered some great advice on the subject.

While we may not know exactly how it’s going to work yet – Will we bed share for an extended period of time? Will I nurse as long as I did with Savannah? Will we parent you exactly the same way we did with her? – I do know without a doubt that we love you with all of our hearts. Your gender, appearance and personality are all still a mystery but your role in our lives is very much solidified. You will complete our family and we cannot wait for you to arrive.

Loving you always,

Your mama

24 Weeks – Pregnancy #1


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