To you…at 25-26 weeks


The past two weeks have flown by and it’s beginning to feel like the big day will be here before we know it! I’m still feeling good and enjoying these last days of the second trimester. To be honest though, I didn’t really mind the third trimester the last time around. I got pretty big toward the end but fortunately, I didn’t suffer from swelling, stretch marks, or any of the other unpleasantness that goes with carrying an 8-pound baby around all the time. Here’s hoping I’m that lucky with you.

Speaking of size, I’m beginning to fear that you’re going to be bigger than your sister. I’m not entirely sure why I think that but I have a sense. Your dad was 10.5 pounds (no joke!) and I was 8.5. Savannah was 8.13 and I considered anything under 9.0 a blessing. Because big babies run in our families, I’m always extra paranoid about the gestational diabetes test but I’m happy to report my results came back negative so that’s one risk factor we can check off the list. Otherwise, I’m still going to yoga and the gym regularly and trying to eating healthy as well with hopes that you don’t grow too big for me to deliver vaginally. But again, it’ll be what it’ll be so we’ll just have to ride it out.

Your dad and I had a long conversation about whether or not to deliver at a birth center instead of a hospital this time around. We weighed both options and in the end, he feels much more comfortable going the hospital route. And, although I’m the one physically going through the process this will be a life-changing experience for both of us and it’s important to me that we are equally confident about our game plan. I really would’ve liked the option for a water birth but ultimately, the method for how you arrive means far less to me than that your ensuring your health and safety along the way. So, hospital it is!

We’ve started making moves on your nest. Slow moves but progress nonetheless. We picked out all of the fabric for your bedding, changing table, pillows, etc. and Taffy is fast at work putting it together. It’s going to be different and unique and I’m really excited. We went and bought some paint samples this weekend and I’m eager to get those up on the wall to get a sense for which direction we’re going to go. And this week, my hope is to settle on a rug. After all that, it’ll just be a matter of putting it all together and adding some finishing touches. You’re going to love it – boy or girl!

Savannah is getting more and more excited about you each day. In fact, my heart broke a little yesterday when she ran into the kitchen unprovoked, grabbed my legs, turned me around and said, “I have to say hello to Belly Baby right now.” She patted my belly and gave a quick kiss before darting off to her next adventure. We talk a lot about how she’s going to help take care of you and she’s very eager to brush your hair. For her sake, let’s hope you’re not bald! She’s nearly 100% potty trained and even announced the other night that she doesn’t want her cloth diapers in her room anymore. She wants to officially pass them along to you! I’m telling you, she’s going to be an awesome big sister and you are going to love following in her footsteps.

You are a rambunctious little munchkin. You kick, squirm and jab constantly and your movements are apparent even under multiple layers of clothing. I don’t know if it’s your position or if Savs was just a lot mellower in the womb but you are definitely an active one. Sometimes life gets so crazy lately that it’s nice to get those little reminders that you’re in there, growing stronger everyday.

Now that we’re only a few months out, I pulled out all of my old hypnobirthing materials and started my meditation exercises again last week. I haven’t listened to them in so long but just like a favorite song, it all came back to me immediately. I have no idea what this birth has in store for me and plan to go into it with an open mind and open heart. I’m not opposed to an epidural (but hope that if I do it, this time it’ll actually work) or delivering naturally. I’d like to labor at home which I wasn’t able to do the last time but if Dr. J wants me to come in I won’t put up a fight. I feel extremely confident that I’m with a natural birth friendly doctor this time and trust that he’ll base his recommendations on what’s best for me and you and not what’s best for him or his schedule. So, we’ll see how it goes. Either way, I know the hypnobirthing method will keep me calm, strong and fearless as we approach the big day and all God has in store for us.

We’ve been playing with names and have a handful of favorites. I’m pretty sure, that this time, we’re going to go in with a short list and decide when we meet you. The good news is, we agree on almost all of them so far so unless I keep adding more options for consideration (which I tend to do) you probably won’t go nameless for too long.

Although the reality of your existence is written all over my body I still have epiphanies from time to time and want to shout out loud, “We’re having another baby! Holy crap! How did that happen?” It’s all enthusiastic though. I really want to meet you and cover you with kisses! I promise you that you are going to be born to a family that will protect you, guide you and love you for all of your days, sweet one.

Keep on growing strong and prepare yourself, there is an amazing life waiting for you!

Loving you always,

Your mama


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