To you…at 27-28 weeks.


Dear Belly Baby,

This post was a little delayed but I figured you’ll forgive me. Better late than never, right?

Summer has flown by and I can’t believe we’ve officially reached the third trimester. Overall, this pregnancy has been much faster than Savannah’s. I feel like with her, every week seemed like a month and we were exercising all of our patience to wait until her due date to meet her. You, on the other hand, are a different story altogether. I can sense your eagerness to get out into the world and there are moments I feel like you’re going to be here before we’re fully prepared.

I think part of the reason is that we are definitely much more relaxed with this pregnancy – which is a good thing! The last time around, we were fully prepared two months out whereas this time, I think we’ll be installing your car seat base as we’re heading to the hospital.

That’s not to say we haven’t been thinking about you though!

Your nona and I spent an entire day in your room last weekend planning, moving furniture around, etc. We have a set up that looks pretty good and now all we have to do is paint and add some accessories. Taffy, God’s mother, has already made all of your bedding which goes perfectly with the design scheme I was envisioning. We ordered a new glider (thanks, nona and poppy!) in anticipation of those late night feedings – assuming I nurse from an upright position this time around. Your dad installed your closet organizer ensuring we have plenty of space for all of your things and your sister has generously delivered all of her cloth diapers and old blankets to your doorway.

See, you’ve been well considered these past couple of weeks!

As for you and I, we are bonding more every day. I’ve been practicing my hypnobirthing meditations about 4x per week either at acupuncture or right before bed. While you’re normally very active in the evenings, you calm down quite a bit during the meditations which leads me to think you’re enjoying the relaxation as well. You’ve started practicing summersaults in addition to kickboxing and there are times I feel like begging you to “just calm down” for a minute. Still, your activity is always reassuring and remains a constant reminder that you’re growing stronger every day.

I had a follow up appointment for the tiny fibroid growing on my cervix. Fortunately, the size hasn’t changed at all however the location remains a concern. We’ll go back at 32 weeks but all of the docs seem to think it won’t be a problem. We just won’t know for sure until we’re in the delivery room but my hunch is it probably contributed to some of the challenges I had with Savannah’s birth. At this point, I have every intention of avoiding a C-section so unless I hear otherwise, we’ll proceed as planned.

At that appointment we got to use the fancy ultrasound machine however you were curled up in a cannonball position so we couldn’t see a thing. In fact, the technician told me that even if we wanted to know your gender she couldn’t have told us because of how tightly balled up you were. They did do some additional anatomy checks while they were there and all is continuing to proceed normally. Your little heart looks good, my fluid levels are high and your growth is right on target. Or maybe ahead a bit. In fact, they guessed you were about 3.5 lbs. by now – an entire pound larger than average. Oy vey!

I just keep praying that in the end, you’re over 7 and under 9 pounds and we’ll be good to go. Anything larger could be a little tricky but it looks like we’ll probably be blessed with another chunky baby which is just fine by me! Savs was a great sleeper and an even better eater which made our life pretty sweet in those early days.

So far, the general consensus is that you’re a boy. Even a gardener in the neighborhood stopped me on a walk the other day to predict that I was having a boy. I don’t feel like I’m carrying very differently than I did with Savannah and ever since that crazy rash went away, the two pregnancies have been nearly identical so who knows. Everyone wants to know what I’m “feeling” but it really changes every day. Sometimes I see a little dude running around our house and sometimes I see two sisters playing together like best friends. Only time will tell, I suppose!

I can say that Savannah’s growing much more accustomed to the idea of you and you’re a regular topic of conversation. She’s had absolutely no issue with the idea of sharing her stuff with you – in concept of course. We’ll see how reality pans out. We talk about where your car seat is going to go and how much fun it’ll be for the two of you to sit next to each other in the back seat. She has grown absolutely attached to her “soft baby” doll and she tells me regularly that she’s practicing for Belly Baby. And she’s thrilled that your rooms will be right next to one another.

She’s still two though and so she’s not totally at ease with this big change. She’s been clingier than normal lately and has been known to hit or push on my belly from time to time. Between you and me, I think she’s trying to hurt me more than you in those moments because she’s tired, frustrated or requiring a little extra TLC. It’ll be a work in progress but there’s not a doubt in my mind that she’s going to be a wonderful big sister to you.

Lately, my cravings have alternated between iced coffee, iced tea and Gatorade. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find decaf iced coffee or iced tea but I’ve succeeded. There still isn’t any really consistent craving, like orange juice from the last round, but I’m having fun with these little indulgences as they come up. My dreams have been CRAZY which I remember clearly from the last pregnancy as well. They’re all over the map and I wake up exhausted at least five times per week no matter how much sleep I got the night before.

Otherwise, as of late, this pregnancy has been pretty text book. I’m still exercising although getting winded much more quickly these days. And I’m feeling big. This belly is quite pronounced (and a bit pointy) so bending over, squatting down, and pretty much every other activity required to parent a toddler is getting more and more challenging. So, I take every opportunity I can find to put my feet up and relax. Which is a really great treat!

That’s it for now, sweet pea. Thanks for the daily jab – you bring a smile to my face each time (even if it’s proceeded by a wince). My heart is already swelling with such love for you and anticipation of that first moment they put you in my arms.

Keep growing strong and healthy.

Loving you always,

Your mama

28 Weeks – Pregnancy #1:





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