To you…at 29-31 weeks


Dear Belly Baby,

I’m growing at an outrageous rate nowadays but to be honest, I’m having a really hard time keeping up with all of these belly shots. Plus it’s been hotter than hell around here lately so I haven’t felt all that photogenic. In fact, air conditioner or not, I just feel like a sweaty mess most of the time.

While I may be struggling to keep cool and stay comfortable, you are doing great!

On most days I feel like you are literally busting through the walls of my abdomen. You kick, punch, roll and hiccup – sometimes simultaneously so it’s pretty intense. I have no idea if this is a sign that you’re going to be a very active baby or if you’re just eager to see this crazy world but either way, you’re keeping me on my toes.

I’ve started having Braxton Hicks contractions which I don’t recall ever feeling with Savannah. It’s a strange feeling – my uterus suddenly tightens up on me but without any pain. You tend to fight back a little whenever it happens so I’m guessing that you don’t care much for the sensation. Everything I read says this is normal but for some reason I have it in my head that this is a sign you’re going to make an early appearance.

Speaking of, work is really intense right now. Good but really intense. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to my two weeks of maternity leave before my due date. The opportunity to just sit still for an extended period of time sounds really good right now and I’m looking forward to some mommy/daughter dates with your sis before your big debut. So, if you are going to come early can you please practice some restraint and make it as close to November 15 as possible?

Like I said last time I wrote, everyone I meet is so sure that you’re a boy that I’m beginning to believe it myself. Still, something inside of me is feeling like you’re a girl and always has. So who knows! I can promise you that we have absolutely no preference either way. Boy or girl, your existence will complete our family in the most perfect way. And to be honest, the mystery of your gender, while making others crazy for sure, has been really fun for me and your Daddy. We love imagining what you’ll look like, how you’ll interact with your sister, which ways you’ll be similar and all of the traits that will be so uniquely yours.

I feel like the countdown is officially on. Less than 9 weeks to go – I can’t hardly believe it!

Since we’re delivering at a new hospital with a new doctor, we’re encountering a lot of “firsts” again which is fun. We took the official “hospital tour” last week and got to see first hand where the magic will happen. We feel very comfortable with our choice in hospitals and the more I read about Saddleback the more I’m sure it’s going to be the perfect place for you and I to take this journey together.

I’ve started creating my Belly Baby To-Do List which really isn’t filled with anything too earth shattering but thinking about newborn cloth diapers and your very special “gift” for your big sis makes me realize how my due date really is around the corner. And names…we are still undecided but we have narrowed it down to two boys names and two girls names that we like. Assuming we don’t change our minds or throw another option into the mix, I think we’ll be making a game time decision when we see your cute face.

I hope you sense how much this mama loves her baby. I worry sometimes that my heart isn’t big enough for all the love I feel for you, your sister, your daddy and Lola. I seriously think when I meet you, my heart may swell so much it’ll burst right out of my body and that’ll be that. Other mommies keep assuring me that it all works out but I just can’t imagine how. The day your sister was born was hands down the most important day of my life and to know that we get to do it all over again with you is absolutely mind boggling to me. Creating the two of you, showering you with love, building you up, and giving you the foundation to live happy, productive lives will be my life’s work in a nutshell.

Thank you for giving me the chance to be your mommy. We are going to have quite the adventure together, baby cakes!

Loving you always,

Your mama

31 Weeks – Pregnancy #1


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