To you, Savannah…at 2 1/2!



You are two and a half years old. How is that actually possible, my sweet girl?

So much has happened in these past six months that I don’t know how I’m going to capture it all here. I’ll do my best but I may have to start writing these letters more frequently.

Let’s discuss your big milestones.

School – You endured a lot of transition these past couple of months. You moved into the Toddler 2 group only to be followed a few weeks later by a big jump to Preschool 1! You handled each transition with incredible ease (your adaptability still amazes us) and while you always miss your teachers and still have to sneak in to say good morning to Miss Denise each day, you’re loving your time in the “big kid” class. You have been with the majority of your peer group since you were all five months old so it’s been really fun to watch you grow together and I can’t wait to tell you stories someday about your first friends – Jacob of course, but also Miles, Shawn and Connor.

Potty Training – You, my dear, are pretty much potty trained. Sure, you still have accidents sometimes – mainly when we forget to remind you to take a break and go to the potty – and you still put up a fight about going poop on the potty at home but all in all you’re doing great. You hand delivered your cloth diapers to Belly Baby’s doorstep the other day and proudly announced that you were done with them. We’re thrilled at this breakthrough and even more pleased that it came without too much fuss or struggle on our part. You were just kind of ready and led us through the process. Hallelujah.

Sleep Training – Sleep, on the other hand, was a slightly different story. You fought us hard on this one and we had about six weeks of pure torture trying to get you out of our bed and into your own room. I could and should write an entire post about our sleep training journey but for now you’ll just have to trust me when I say, it was hell! But we’ve turned a corner and you are pretty much a sleep pro by now. Your bedtime routine is quick and enjoyable – we read three books, you tell us what you’re going to dream about and then you say your prayers, arrange your babies and blankets and we kiss good night. From there, you fidget a bit on your own and rearrange your babies 20 more times but eventually you put yourself right to sleep. If I do your bedtime routine then you always insist that daddy come up and give you the last kiss of the night – it’s pretty sweet. We have a deal that you can come into our room when the sun shines so shortly after 6 am, you come thumping down the hall to crawl in bed with us. Even though you usually wake me up, it’s actually the very best way to start the day.

Verbal Development – You are an articulate little bird and a chatty kathy. You have a huge vocabulary and put together full sentences with the greatest of ease. You still mispronounce words a lot and we never correct you because it’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. You are a parrot and pretty much repeat everything that is told to you or said around you (which means we all have to be more mindful of what we say!). Conversations with you crack us up especially when you tell us about your day. You share the funniest anecdotes and always end it with “And how was your day, mommy/daddy? Good?” You’re amazing!

Physical Development – I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do. You run, dance, climb, jump, kick, throw, etc. etc. You’re still a fairly cautious kid but you love challenging yourself and your independence shines through as you regularly announce, “My Do It!” You love to get in and out of your car seat on your own and would even climb in and out of the bathtub if we let you.

Emotional Development – You are growing up right before our eyes and while it makes us so proud, it breaks my heart a little too. I don’t know if you’re subconsciously preparing to be a big sister or if this is normal for your age but you are totally transitioning from a baby/toddler to a little girl. You are very mature when you want to be. You are capable of understanding consequences, sensing emotions, and practicing compassion. But you still like to be “snuggled” and revert to your younger clingier ways when you’re tired or crabby.

You are a stubborn little bird and lately mornings have become the thorn in our side. You do not like being rushed and getting ready for school upsets you every single day. You wake up fine but as soon as we say it’s time to shower or start getting dressed you fall apart on us and from there, each step of the way is a battle. We introduced “Savannah’s Wake Up Chart” complete with a variety of stickers last week and I think that may help us overcome this hurdle. Fingers crossed.

I fought it for as long as possible but we finally introduced TV and you are obsessed. The Frozen Frenzy has officially taken over our house and while I cringe every time you zone out in front of the boob toob, you daddy has reminded me that it makes you so incredibly happy. I’d put up more of a fight if you weren’t at school all day being stimulated in the most artistic and creative ways. I’m still guessing you watch less TV than most kids so for now, you’ve won this battle, Bug!

Your favorite thing to do is go to the beach and all week long you ask us if we can go “next weekend.” We try to make it there at least once a week and you are in absolute heaven the minute you see the ocean. You used to be pretty afraid of the water but you started venturing in with daddy and now you’re a pro. You love to splash and kick and find the waves crashing absolutely hilarious. The only thing about the beach that you don’t like are the birds – after all, you are your mother’s daughter!

You are still a very kind little girl and your sweet spirit almost always shines through when you interact with others. You have your moments and have definitely been scolded for hitting and pushing your friends (and even spitting – what is that about?) but for the most part you’re the first one to jump up and console one of the other kids when they get hurt or upset at school. You love to give hugs and remind everyone that “it’s going to be alright.”

For the most part, you practice that same compassion with Belly Baby. You kiss my belly every day and get real close and whisper secrets to the baby as well. You classmate’s mom brings her infant into the class regularly and she pointed out that you’re always asking to touch the baby and sharing that you have a belly baby coming too. She assured us that you are handling this pending transition way better than her daughter did so that’s a good sign. We’re not kidding ourselves and we know that those first months are going to be hard but I think you’re going to do just fine. In fact, I think you are going to make an incredible big sister!

You are everything good about the world. I say it every time I write a post but you have the most gentle and kind spirit. You know how to have fun, how to laugh hysterically, how to feel sad and mad and also how to empathize with other’s feelings. You are very smart and your memory is astounding. You’re overcoming your shyness and you’re slowly coming out of your shell and greeting strangers with a shy smile or meek “hello.” You are strong-willed, stubborn at times, and pretty independent for a two-year-old. You love your people (including your Lola) with all of your being and get very protective of us. You are a book-reading, puzzle-obsessed, imaginative kid who loves to play pretend.

2 1/2 At A Glance

Weight: 33.5 lbs – 90th percentile

Length: 37.5 inches – 90th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: Going potty on the big toilet, sleeping in your big girl bed in your own room every night – all night, putting yourself to sleep unassisted, singing, dancing, “reading” books independently, practicing your “activities,” practicing your compassion and adaptability, exercising your independence and very strong will.

Likes: You love the beach, arts and crafts, puzzles, all books including ours, saying your prayers, being a “clean baby,” FROZEN, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First, cuddling with and giving kisses to belly baby, your soft baby and soft blanket, burritos, ice cream, granola bars, cottage cheese, berries, and cream cheese (string cheese), dates with poppy, listening to your ocean sounds, the Star song (Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”), watching the train at Nona and Poppy’s house, seeing your friends at school.

Dislikes: Waking up early and getting ready for school, getting help with anything, when we interfere with your agenda, having your hair brushed.

Favorite Books: The Girl Who Got Out of Bed (or, the “Out the Bed book” as you call it), Brown Bear Brown Bear (you’ve got this one memorized and refer to it as Brown Panda Bear), The Princess of the Potty, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Put Me in the Zoo, The Peace Book, Goodnight Moon, and Who is Jesus

Our Favorite Things About this Age: Pretty much everything that comes out of your mouth (when it isn’t a whine)! You are a funny, funny girl. We love watching you care for soft baby, read books to your stuffed animals, sing songs to yourself and problem solve. Watching you eat is still a favorite pastime. Hearing about and witnessing your incredible compassion for others keeps us in awe. And my all time favorite thing in the world, when you put my arm around you and ask for snuggles.

Nicknames: Nana, Savs, Banana Face, Banana Bear, Poppy, Mama, Babycakers, Savi, Bug, Buggy, Baby Girl, and Savi Bear.

You are my heart of heart and the love of my life. Thank you for teaching us new lessons everyday and for bringing a tremendous amount of joy to our household.

Loving you always,

Your mama




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