Conversations with Savannah


For the past few months I’ve been keeping track of all of the hilarious one liners and mispronunciations that come out of Savannah’s mouth on a regular basis. The list is long but here are a few highlights. Let’s just say she keeps us in stitches on a regular basis.

– “Isgusting” = Disgusting – This is a staple in Savs’ vocabulary. Everything is considered “isgusting” from watching Lola poop, seeing spilled milk on the counter or the smell of Scarlett’s dirty diapers.

– “It’s a deal” – We’re big on preparing Savannah for what comes next and after we explain the plan to her we always say, “It’s a deal.” Now she does too.

– Any car ride longer than five minutes include loud proclamations from the backseat along the lines of “I’m telling you a question!” meaning “Hey, quit talking to each other and listen to me for a minute.”

– We have a very polite little girl who not only practices her “pleases” and “thank you’s” on a regular basis but is very good at saying “excuse me” before she rudely interrupts every conversation that’s taking place without her.

– Savannah is really into discussing her private parts right now and frequently references “peanuts and vaginas” and “penises and coochies.”

– We use a lot of nicknames in our house and the latest have included “Dadarooskie” and “Mamacita.”

– Whenever anyone makes a mistake like coughing without covering their mouths for instance, Savs will let us off the hook by saying, “That’s alright. You’re just kidding.”

– For some reason she calls “gas” “ice” and every time we pass a gas station she asks if we need to get some “ice.”

– “Aminals” = “Animals”

– “Upslide down” = “Upside down”

– “Caventure” = “Adventure” – We go on a lot of “caventures” sometimes just a trip to Costco can be a “caventure” in her little mind.

– “Itsy itsy spider” – This isn’t such a huge mispronunciation. It’s just really cute how she says it.

– “Hahacaca” = “Helicopter” – Seriously the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard.

– When you ask Savannah to do pretty much anything – hand you a cup of water, take her clothes off for her bath, etc. – you just may be lucky enough to hear her respond with “Of course I can.” (This is all assuming she’s in a good mood of course. If she’s cranky, look the F out.”

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