Dear Scarlett, at 3 months


Dear Scarlett,

You are our angel baby, made of pure sweetness and joy. Your smiles are fairly permanent nowadays and when you’re not smiling and sleeping you are cooing nonstop. In fact, you just might rival your sister for being the biggest chatterbox in our house.

You and I have had a glorious month together. Although my maternity leave began in November it didn’t feel like it really it kicked in until February. We just had so much going on between holidays, houseguests and flu season. But we’ve finally hit our stride and I’m sad to see it start to wind down. I return to work in just four short weeks and you start daycare in just three. I’m going to work hard to make sure we get as much snuggle time and quiet relaxation together before that day comes though, I promise.

You will be going to daycare with your sister. You are both so lucky to go to school at daddy’s work and it makes me feel especially confident knowing that he’s right upstairs should you need him. With Savannah, we were still living in LA and it was impossible for me to visit her during the day. Since I’m only 10 minutes up the road now, I’m going to do my best to sneak over at lunch to nurse you as often as possible. Otherwise, I just don’t know how I’m going to go a full 10 hours without seeing your sweet face!

You stayed with a babysitter for the first time this month while we went out to dinner for your auntie Kim’s birthday. Your sister was at nona and poppy’s house for the night and you did great by yourself. I realized that it was the first time in nearly three months that I was away from you for a significant period of time. I missed you terribly but I also have to admit that it was very nice to have some adult conversation- and adult beverages – for a few hours.

You are getting so big and strong. You hold your head up without any assistance and I don’t worry that you’ll fling yourself backward much anymore. Everyone who meets you comments on how alert you are because you love to make eye contact and explore your surroundings. Lately, you’ve been especially fascinated by your hands and I catch you staring cross-eyed at them for minutes at a time. You love swinging in both the swing and the egg and I can usually keep you content in one or the other long enough to squeeze in a workout and shower each day. You also enjoy sitting up, supported of course, in my lap and resting comfortably in the boppy. You’re still not a big fan of tummy time but it gets a little more bearable each month.

You have way less hair than your sis did at this age. You’ve got barely anything on top and the hair you had in the back is starting to fall out as well. You have the bald stripe around the back of your head that all babies get and everyone’s starting to speculate whether you’ll end up a blonde or a brunette. We’ve decided that while you still look a ton like Savannah, you definitely have different eyes. They’re deeper set and a little closer together like your daddy’s. You are also longer and leaner with less rolls than she had at this age. You’ve started to puff out your lower lip when you get upset which is the most heartbreakingly adorable thing in the world. Savs did the same thing and I could never decide if I loved it or hated it.

You are totally enamored with your big sister. Anytime she’s close enough, you reach out and put your hand, foot or leg on top of her. Once in a while it annoys her but for the most part she’s very tolerant and actually loves being close to you too. One of her favorite things to do is to move her rocking chair next to your egg where she sits and reads you stories or shares her toys with you. She’s the first to jump when you cry and races us to put your pacifier in your mouth or yell to me that “belly baby needs to eat your boobies.” (according to her, every cry is a hungry cry).

I wonder sometimes what my life would’ve been like had I not chosen motherhood. You and your sister have given me such purpose and joy. I never imagined it was possible to live so selflessly and without resentment until you two came along. I’m taking these newborn days in much greater stride than I did with Savannah, accepting the interruptions, lack of sleep, and out of control moments with a sense of ease that I didn’t have before. I think I’m much more aware of how fleeting these moments are and since you will be the last little babycakes to grace our lives I’m committed to relishing every minute of every day – even the difficult ones.

Thank you for taking it easy on your mama so far and for making our time together so lovely. Auntie Kim summed it up perfectly when she called you a “sweet, sweet baby” because that’s exactly what you are. A total lover and something tells me you’re going to have a kindred spirit just like your big sis.

3 Months At A Glance

Weight: 12 lbs. 2 ozs. – 35th percentile

Length: 25 inches – 96th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: You love exploring your hands and pretty much anything we put in front of you. Sometimes I catch you zoning out to the tv and I think you can see pretty far distances by now. You are trying to pull yourself up to sitting and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re early to roll over.

Likes: You love to suck and alternate between your hands, middle fingers, and your pacifier. You also enjoy being carried and prefer the baby bjorn or baby ktan to the ergo. You enjoy long car rides, stretching out after being swaddled all night, getting your diaper changed and of course, eating! You also prefer to be held upright either over our shoulders or facing out to see the world. You love sitting in my lap like a big girl and seeing your sister’s face makes you happier than anything. Except eating – clearly.

Dislikes: You really don’t enjoy those moments right after the bath when you’re laying naked on the changing table. You also get really upset when I interrupt a feeding to burp you or change positions. You’re starting to get a little irritated when we disappear out of your line of sight so I try to make sure you can see or hear us whenever we put you down for long periods of time.

Nicknames: Belly Baby, Letti, Letti Lou, Scarlett Johansson, Baby Girl

I love you up and down and inside out. You are everything good in the world and I thank God for your life every day.


Your mama





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