Dear Scarlett, at 4 months


Dear Scarlett,

This month has been all about transition and it’s throwing your mommy for an emotional loop!

You started daycare two weeks ago and while we had a few logistical snafus on day one – like I forgot all of your bottles! – you’ve handled your new normal like a champ. You love the other babies in your class and settle right into your caregivers’ laps. You’ve taken to the bottle really well and aside from some normal, post-feeding gassy episodes we didn’t have nearly the issues we had with your sister initially.

I didn’t return to work until last week and having that extra week to adjust to not being with you all day made the transition a lot easier. Of course, I miss and think of you and Savs constantly when I’m away from you but I also really enjoy taking off my “mommy hat” for a while each day. It feels good to stretch my brain again and I’m realizing how out of shape it got these last few months. I mean hours upon hours of Walking Dead and Californication reruns are not exactly intellectually stimulating!

You are growing huge, baby girl. You look like you’re closer to six months old and developmentally, you seem far older than four months. You are very strong with excellent head control and you’re already pulling yourself into a sitting position. You don’t love tummy time but we’re forcing you to work those back muscles as much as possible.

You are a happy girl and it’s very easy to make you laugh. Whenever your sister talks to you, your face lights up and a smile stretches from ear to ear. When I cover your mouth and cheeks with kisses or tickle your neck and legs, you crack up uncontrollably. Your laughter is contagious and before I know it we’re all giggling with delight because of you.

You and Lola are starting to bond. She loves licking the top of your head which is kind of gross but you seem to enjoy it so we let it go. Maybe it’s sort of like a scalp massage? We find her lying near you a lot and she seems to be as protective of you as she is of your big sis.

Unfortunately, you’ve battled your share of colds and then some in your short life. I guess it’s par for the course having an older sister and all but I don’t think being born right before flu season helped at all. I’m just thankful that we haven’t encountered anything too serious and we’re much calmer, less alarmist parents this time around which is good for all of us.

All in all, I think you’re going to be a pretty easy-going kid. Of course, I could be wrong but from what I see of your personality so far and the daily abuse you’re subjected to with an older sibling, you won’t have a choice but to learn how to let things roll of your shoulders easily. In fact, I opened the car door the other night only to find you sucking on Savannah’s dirty toes. She had stretched her foot from her car seat over to yours and like everything that comes into your line of sight, it went straight into your mouth. I scolded her immediately but she promptly justified her action by explaining that “you liked it.”

Ah…let’s just say, we’re learning to pick our battles.

Adjusting to life with two kids has gone better than I expected but I’m not going to lie, logistically it’s bananas sometimes. It seems your daddy and I never have enough arms to tend to all of your needs and somehow you know to start crying right when we’re putting Savannah into the bath or reading her bedtime stories. We definitely have to experiment until we find a good routine now that I’m back at work but like everything else, I have no doubt we’ll figure it out.

You still eat like a champ and I feel thankful every day that I don’t have to stress about your weight gain. You’re not sleeping in 7 hour stretches like you were a couple of months ago but I’m partially to blame for that. I find myself falling into the same trap I was in with Savannah where I nurse you laying down in the middle of the night. Inevitably, we both fall asleep while you’re still eating which doesn’t bother me in the least but you are growing quite content sleeping in the crook of my arm. Fast forward a couple of months and you’ll be sleeping the whole night in our bed. I’m not sure if I mind so much because those were some of my favorite memories with Savs but I also know that sleep training you is inevitable and it’s just a matter of deciding when we want to go through the torture.

They put you down awake for naps at school so I know you’re learning to self-soothe. You go to bed drowsy but awake in the cosleeper at home as well. With the transition to daycare, your doctor thinks we should just wait and see how the nighttime feedings are going over the next few weeks and she suspects you’ll be sleeping in longer stretches again soon. With you, I’m really trying to stress less and go with the flow more hence my laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing.

Your four month check up went great. You’re continuing to grow at record levels – remaining in the 50-60th percentile in weight and hovering around 95th in length. Like your sister, you’re going to be a tall girl I suspect! You’re a drool monster lately too so I’m guessing you’re teething. Hopefully, it won’t be too painful a process for you (or us!).

You remain a complete joy to be around and we fall more in-love with you each passing day. Thank you for continuing to take it easy on this mommy and for charming us with sweet smile on even the longest of days.

4 Months At A Glance

Weight: 14 lbs. 11 ozs. – 56th percentile

Length: 26 inches – 95th percentile

Cool Things You’re Doing: You rolled over! Also, your back is getting stronger by the minute and you are pulling yourself into a seated position. You are laughing, squealing, playing with toys, seeing further distances, and still charming the pants off everyone who meets you.

Likes: You’re still a hand/pacifier sucker. You also love stretching your legs out when we unwrap you from the swaddle after a long night’s rest. You enjoy watching your sister and the other kids at school and you are completely enamored by the mirror and television, you crazy girl! You also love the toys on your car seat and the new plush, tactile games that mommy’s work friends bought you.

Dislikes: Being interrupted before you’re done eating or left alone where you can’t see any of us.

Our Favorite Things About this Age: I will always love snuggling with you more than anything. You are also so damn cute when you offer that gummy smile which is pretty much all the time. I love that you sleep and eat well and that you are really starting to engage with us!

Nicknames: Belly Baby, Scarletto Barbaretto, HAPPY!, Letti, Letti Lou, Letti Spaghetti, Scarlett Johansson, Baby Girl

Love, love loving you!

Your mama



One thought on “Dear Scarlett, at 4 months

  1. Happy is growing up so fast! Ps post this picture. She looks adorable and the aunties will love her “ear” band. So cute💕

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