Dear Scarlett, at 5 months


Baby cakes,

Time is literally flying right by! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been five months since we were bringing you home from the hospital but low and behold, here we are.

You are growing at warp speed nowadays and there’s nothing “newborn” about you anymore. Maybe it’s those older kids at daycare rubbing off on you or perhaps it’s just because I’m not spending every minute of every day in your presence but I feel like you are going to be toddling around before I know it.

You are big and healthy and my heart overflows with gratitude every time I look at you. You still love to eat (which probably explains why you are so big and healthy) and you get the cutest milk drunk look on your face when your belly is full. We started giving you probiotics everyday which has helped with your gas but you’re still a spitty baby which, as long as you’re smiling and not screaming, I’ve grown to accept.

While you’ve rolled over a couple of times, I wouldn’t say you’re rolling regularly by any means. Savs was late to roll as well and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being big babies. Your back is very strong though and you actually balance in a seated position for about 5 seconds at a time before tipping over like Humpty Dumpty. All of our practice with tummy time is starting to pay off because you’re actually willing to hang out on your stomach for extended periods of time now without freaking out.

Your little personality is starting to develop and so far, you’re a happy girl. You love to laugh and it doesn’t take much to make you crack up. In fact, the sheer sight of your sister or sound of her voice and you’re in stitches. I love walking in when you first wake up in the morning. You’ve usually been laying there looking around for some time before you see us but when you do, your whole face lights up and you bust out a big gummy grin. And just like that my heart melts into one big puddle!

You’ve slowly made your way into our bed although you always start in the cosleeper at night. The same thing happened with Savannah and part of me knows I’m starting a bad habit and one that I’ll probably regret later but the other part of me says to hell with it. You’re our last baby and snuggling with you at night is one of my favorite things in the world even if it means I get horrible sleep and transitioning you to your own room will be a nightmare someday.

I see absolutely no downside to bed sharing accept for the fact that we’re delaying the dreaded “sleep training” torture. Developmentally, everyone warned us that we were creating an insecure and overly dependent child when we did it with Savannah but she’s proven to be as secure and independent as three year olds come. Having you next to me in bed boosts my milk supply and it gives us that extra time together that we miss when I’m at work all day.

When it comes down to it, my parenting motto has always been “It’s working for now so we’re going with it.” This time next month you could be sleeping soundly in your own room or in a couple of years we’ll be selling the most pristine five year old crib on the market. Either way, we’ll conquer sleep eventually and I’m pretty sure you won’t be crawling in bed with us the night before your high school graduation so I’m not too worried about it.

You are doing really well at daycare and you absolutely adore Miss Kelly and all of your other caregivers. I feel such confidence leaving you with them every day and especially enjoy the mornings that I get to nurse you in the classroom before heading off to work. Seeing you and your “friends” interact and play together is adorable and I’m really looking forward to practicing some baby sign language with you in the coming months.

We’ve adjusted to having two kids pretty well and the days when Savs was an only child seem like a distant memory now. I will say going from no kids to one was a lot harder than going from one to two – so far at least. Maybe it’s that we know each stage is fleeting or we’ve grown accustomed to running around like sleep deprived crazy people but I feel like we’re rolling with this parenting thing much better this time around.

Your sister has not skipped a beat since you were born. She’s crazy a lot of the time but that has everything to do with her age and nothing to do with you. I’d like to take credit for her successful adjustment and while we certainly tried to follow all of the advice we were given in preparing her for your arrival, I think it’s actually the fact that the kid was literally born to be a big sister. Loving you is in her DNA and she’ll tell anyone who will listen that you are her very best friend.

I know you’ll have your ups and downs as all sisters do but I pray that you will always adore one another like you do today. You two have a bond that no one can compete with and it is your job to both make each other crazy and shield one other from life’s troubles and disappointments. Remember that, baby girl.

All in all, you are absolutely perfect. You are strong and beautiful, funny and sweet, and I know that there is a very big brain inside of your little head just waiting to soak up all the knowledge we’re going to throw your way. Thank you for bringing joy to our household on a daily basis. You are loved.

5 Months at a Glance

Weight: 15 lbs 6 ozs – 65th percentile

Length: 26 ½ inches – 85th percentile

Cool things You’re Doing: You laugh hysterically – so much so that it makes us laugh hysterically back at you. You see really far distances now and notice us as soon as we walk in the room. You play with toys and rattles and have a few choice favorites. You started playing with a rubber baby spoon and you’ve got a good handle on it which leads me to think it’s going to be really fun when we start you on solids.

Likes: You love the hanging birds and butterflies in your classroom and I’m thinking of getting a mobile for the house since you’re so mesmerized by them. We haven’t introduced solid food yet but I did give you a little taste of mashed banana just for fun and you LOVED it. You love your sissy and your Lola as well as all your friends and teachers. You like the Bumbo and will zone out to the TV if it’s on in the background. And you love getting unzipped from your swaddle in the morning – those morning stretches are to die for!

Dislikes: You start to panic when we walk out of a room and leave you lying there alone. You don’t like being cold or stuck in one position for too long. But nothing pisses you off quite like hunger. You’d think we starve you the way you lose your mind around feeding time.

Nicknames: Scarletto Barbaretto, Letti, Letti Spaghetti, Happy, Baseball Head, Scarlett Johansson and of course, Belly Baby.

Loving you always,

Your mama



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