Dear Scarlett, at 6 months



My darling Belly Baby,

We celebrated your half birthday a week ago and I was reminded at how fast time is flying by. We have witnessed some tremendous growth in just the past month and I feel like you transitioned from an infant to a baby right in front of my eyes. One of my favorite ages is six months to a year so I’m pretty excited for all that’s in store for us this summer!

You have become quite skilled at sitting. In just a week’s time you went from toppling over like one of those toy punching bags every time we sat you up to sitting for extended periods like you’ve been doing it forever. Now you even crouch forward to grab your toys that are out of reach and can pull yourself back up with no problem at all. We still put you in the Bumbo sometimes but I’m pretty sure we’ll be retiring that piece of gear in the near future.

And you started solids right at six months. I was a little ambitious and dove straight into a banana entree followed by sweet potatoes a few days later. Your doctor had me back up though and now we’re doing oatmeal for a couple of weeks to give you a chance to adjust to this new way of life. You’re battling an ear infection and I can’t tell if your diaper rash is a side effect of the antibiotics or a reaction to the new foods we’ve been trying but we’re taking it slow until your bunnies start to heal. You love you cereal though and would eat a giant bowl if we let you so we’re all practicing a little portion control at the moment. I have learned that I should be prepared to nurse shortly after you finish eating because you scream your head off as if you’ve just finished your last meal in this lifetime. Like your sister, so far you are an excellent eater!

At your six month check-up the doctor was reviewing all of your developmental milestones and noting that you are right on track for your age. She then explained that you should recognize your name by now and so she tested it by calling out to you. Your reaction was lackluster at which point I realized that no one actually calls you Scarlett. I explained that you are better known as “Belly Baby” and sure enough when she tried again, you spun your head around and gave her the biggest gummy grin. We both got a good laugh out of that one.

The sun rises and sets on your sister. You are so in love with her and I can only hope that adoration continues as your relationship develops. Now that you’re becoming more interactive she loves to play with you and share your toys although we often have to explain that exchanging a teething ring for a crayon or some other dangerous choking hazard of a toy doesn’t quite work at this age.

And the feeling is mutual. The other day, I caught her sneaking out of bed to check on you while you were crying in your crib. She was so concerned that I had a hard time really disciplining her. I think she’s always going to be your protector and I can see already that she would do absolutely anything to make you happy.

We are right in the middle of what I’ve been told is the ideal time to sleep train you yet I’m still so resistant to the idea. I know I’m developing a crutch by nursing you until you fall asleep and continuing to nurse you on demand All. Night. Long. but I just can’t help myself. You start the night out in your crib which is more than your sister ever did so I feel like I’ve made progress there. Plus, I’ve read that children who sleep in the family bed when they’re little end up more independent and better adjusted as they age. Your sister is a great example of that theory. I mean she even puts herself down for naps in her own bed now – like she literally excuses herself from playing, exclaims that she’s tired and walks upstairs and gets into bed. No joke.

And yes, I am completely justifying my (bad?) behavior and our continued use of sleep crutches.

I’m reading a new sleep training book right now and may give it a try next week or the week after. Or I may do the exact same thing I did with Savs and deal with it later. We’ll just have to see where the pieces fall but in the meantime, sleep continues to be a huge distraction that literally keeps me up at night.

But really, I don’t mind all that much.

Your love is immeasurable and even when you’re mad, tired, or hungry you are still so quick to cuddle or smile. You are a social girl and love the company of your teachers and the other babies so much. It makes dropping you off each morning a breeze although picking you up each evening is still a highlight of our day.

All in all, you are so awesome. You are the happiest baby on the block and your Sunday School teachers notified me last weekend that I am so lucky to have the “best baby ever.” I couldn’t agree more even if I am a little biased!

Thank you for taking it easy on us. Everyone warned that having two kids would be exponentially harder and I’m probably jinxing myself by putting these words on paper but the adjustment has actually been just fine. You are an incredibly easy baby and your sister loves you with all her might. Juggling schedules got a little more complicated and our household is often a “shit show” but all in all going from 1 to 2 kids was much easier than going from 0 to 1.

You are loved so much. To be honest, it doesn’t even seem fair that one little being should be so adored! In fact, as I type this I want to run over and wake you up just so I can smother your face with slobbery kissies. That’s how it is with you – I can’t go too long without a fix.

6 Months at a Glance

Weight: 16 lbs 6 ozs – 61st percentile

Length: 26 3/4 inches – 75th percentile

Cool things You’re Doing: You love to laugh and talk nonstop. You play with toys and love to be surrounded by them in the ball pit at school. You sit, roll and lunge forward and you’re pretty good at scooting around on your back. You eat which is super cool and your hand eye coordination is excellent.

Likes: You love being outdoors and will instantly settle down the minute we take you outside. So far, you’re loving all food we’ve tried even if your tummy is having a hard time adjusting. You are infatuated with your sister and smile ear to ear the minute she enters your line of sight. You like baths and sitting at the counter with the family in your big girl high chair.

Dislikes: Object permanence is starting to kick in and you don’t like it one bit when we leave you alone. You don’t like teething either but honestly, who does?

Nicknames: Scarletto Barbaretto, Letti, Letti Spaghetti, Happy, Monkey, Monk, Sissy, Scarlett Johansson and of course, Belly Baby

Love, love love you always!

Your mama











One thought on “Dear Scarlett, at 6 months

  1. Her outakes are so pretty. Had to save them all. Like her mama and sissy headbands look Adorno n her. Beautiful happy.

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